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Chesapeake Landing Community Association Meetings and Committees
CLCA Annual Meeting Minutes May 4, 2019

The meeting was called to order by CLCA President Mark Stapleford at 2 p.m.

Board members in attendance were Ted Alspach, Charlie Gambino, John Cantwell, and Shawn Von Gehr. 

The secretary’s report was read by Shawn Von Gehr.

John Cantwell presented the treasurer's report outlining the 2019 estimated budget. A motion was raised to accept the budget and seconded. Budget was approved.

President Mark Stapleford gave the president's report and read the Membership report.
Charlie Gambino gave the Dockmaster's report.

Election of Directors was held. Shawn Von Gehr nominated Mike Jaggard to the board,and he was approved.

New Business
The bylaws were discussed as they pertain to allowing renters membership privileges. It was agreed that the bylaws would be researched and that this matter would be voted on at a later date.

The idea of incorporating the community was brought up for discussion. Incorporation was thought to raise too many challenges at this time. 

Sale of CLCA-held properties as a fund raising tool was introduced. An alternative idea, long-term leases of community property, was put forth. No decisions were made at the meeting. 

Committee sign-up sheets were present and volunteers solicited. Committees are: Membership, Events, Clubhouse Restoration, Marina Revitalization, Mill Creek Marina/Recreation Area, and Bylaws.

The Mill Creek dredging project was presented by Mr. Len Shipley. The overall project consists of a 30 foot wide channel, 3657 feet long and 3 feet deep (below mean low water). This includes a 150 foot long side channel leading to the launching ramp in the CLCA owned marina. Project is being spearheaded by the residents along Mill Creek, known as the “Friends of Mill Creek, LLC.” On behalf of the project, Mr. Shipley requested a $5000 contribution from the CLCA. The overall cost of the project is estimated at $650,000, of which 50% is covered by a state grant and the remainder is being funded by the participating residents along Mill Creek. The request was discussed by the general membership and Mark Stapleford called for a ballot vote by the members present. John Cantwell read the ballots with 19 yes and 2 no. The motion carried.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting and seconded the meeting concluded at approximately 3:11 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Shawn Von Gehr

Meeting Minutes April 26, 2019