Chesapeake Landing Community Association
A Private Community By the Bay
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Chesapeake Landing Community

The Chesapeake Landing Community Association maintains two community marinas, Worton Wharf and Mill Creek, for use by Association members. The Worton Wharf marina is the larger of the two and consists of 36 boat slips with water and electrical service, shower facilities, and a launching ramp. The Mill Creek marina is a smaller facility which offers dockage for smaller boats. The Worton Wharf marina is located on Marina Road adjacent to Worton Creek and the Mill Creek Marina is located off of Clarissa Road adjacent to Mill Creek.

For general marina or boat slip rental information you can contact the dockmaster here.

The dock rules can be found here.

You can download a boat slip rental application here.

Bylaws- Download a copy of the bylaws here.


Restrictive covenants are legal deed restrictions and apply to all properties within Chesapeake Landing. They continue in force with all subsequent property owners or successors.

SUBJECT to all restrictions, covenants and easements of record, if any, and subject to the following restrictions:

FIRST: There shall not be erected or maintained on the lots in this subdivision any structure of any kind other than a one-family dwelling and ground improvements, such as garage, garden house and trellises, to be used by the family and bona fide guest occupants of said dwelling. No garage shall be used as living quarters and such garage shall not be used or occupied as living quarters prior to the erection of the dwelling. No trailers, tents or other temporary buildings shall be permitted on the property. Each dwelling must have a minimum of 750 square feet exclusive of garage, or carport, or porches.  

SECOND: Easements and rights of way are hereby expressly reserved for the creation, construction and maintenance of utilities, such as gas, water, telephone, telegraph, electricity, sewers, storm drains, and land drains, public, quasi-public, and private, as well as for any public, private or quasi-public utility or function deemed necessary and/or expedient by the Grantor for the public health and welfare. Such easements and rights of way shall be confined to the rear seven and one-half (7 1/2) feet of every lot and five (5) feet along the side of every building plot and along every street of the subdivision and should they be installed the owner agrees to use the utilities thus installed instead of individual plants. The Grantor hereby reserves the exclusive right to dedicate the roads, streets and avenues abutting the aforesaid property to public use without the consent of the Buyer.

THIRD: Plans and specifications for all dwellings must be submitted to the Grantor, or its duly authorized agent, for written approval prior to the commencement of any construction. This requirement does not eliminate the need for the Buyer also obtaining approval of said plans from any County or Municipal department having jurisdiction.

FOURTH: No dock or boat house shall be constructed until plans and specifications for same have been submitted to and approved by the Grantor, or its duly authorized agent

FIFTH: It is distinctly understood that the use of the boat channel, docks and anchorages is to be at the risk of the owner of the vessel, and the Grantor shall not be liable for damages or injury resulting from submerged objects, collisions or otherwise.

SIXTH: No sign of any kind shall be exhibited in any way on or above the property of this subdivision without written approval of the Grantor or its duly authorized agent.

SEVENTH: No fence or hedge shall be erected or maintained on the property of this subdivision which shall unreasonably restrict or block the view from an adjoining lot or which shall materially impair the continuity of the general landscaping plan of the subdivision. For this purpose, a hedge or fence should, if possible, be maintained at no greater height than five (5) feet.

EIGHTH: The laws of the State of Maryland and the County of Kent, as well as the rules and regulations of their administrative agencies and officials now or hereafter in effect with regard to zoning, sewage disposal, water supply and sanitation are hereby incorporated herein and made a part hereof, and any State or County official having the administrative duty to inspect the property of the subdivision shall have the license to enter upon the property of the subdivision from time to time to make any such inspection.

NINTH: No husbandry of either animals or fowls shall be conducted or maintained upon the property of the subdivision; provided, however, that pets kept within the domicile only shall be excluded from this restriction.

TENTH: No main dwelling shall be erected nearer than forty (40) feet of the front; twenty (20) feet of the rear; and fifteen (15) feet of the side lines of any building plot which may be sold hereunder, unless otherwise changed by the Kent County Zoning Board.

ELEVENTH: No dwelling shall be constructed on less than two (2) lots and shall be of an area not less than 15,000 square feet.

Invalidation of any of these covenants by judgment or Court Order shall in no wise affect any of the other provisions which shall remain in full force and effect.